How the kind of child care in Singapore can impact your child’s future

How the kind of child care in Singapore can impact your child’s future

The age that we live in today is far different from what it was 10 or 20 years ago. Due to the continuous advancement in technology, our world is in a more fast-paced environment. A question that parents should consider for their child is: “Will my child be able to adapt to this kind of living as he or she grows old?” As the popular proverb goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Parents looking for a preschool in East Coast for their children can enquire with First Steps Preschool @ East Coast, one of the preschools that provide a world-class child care system

Philosophy and curriculum

The type of philosophy and curriculum that a child care institution adopts is critical to your child’s development. You would want to ensure that these are based on years of research and studies done by credible and expert professionals that have a strong background in the welfare of children. One example of a philosophy that is centred in child development is “Educaring.” This philosophy is derived from the works of Magda Gerber from RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers), known in the world as an infant specialist and child therapist and Dr. Emmi Pickler, a Hungarian paediatrician from Pikler-Loczy. “Educaring” is focused on allowing the parents and carers of the children to give the child the proper respect and trust that the child is naturally-born with the talent to become explorers, innovators, and self-learners.

Focus on Innovation

Information memorization and other traditional learning in school may not give the guarantee to fully develop a child’s ability to create and invent. A child should be given the opportunity to explore and learn about technological advancements, globalisation, and modernisation that happen drastically over the years. These can be incorporated into their child care curriculum through activities that expose them to learning digital technologies and equipment. By developing this at an early age, the child is better prepared to face challenges in the future requiring this specific skill set.

Leadership development

The generation today will become the leaders of our nation in the future. That is the reason why it is crucial for them to receive the proper set of values, knowledge, and skills from a very young age. Hard skills can easily be taught and learned, however soft skills, which involve a child’s EQ takes time and effort to build. Educators in a child care centre play a crucial role in this development. To become effective leaders, we want to develop children to be leaders and innovators that exude self-confidence, but without being overbearing. As such, children at a young age must be taught to be able to be open to varying views and perspectives in order to be more understanding of people. Given that leaders of today are embattled with never-ending challenges and problems, we want our children to grow up with the right problem-solving skills. A future-focused child care facility can help children develop this trait by guiding and encouraging them to solve challenges by way of thinking out of the box and looking at a problem in all possible angles and, as a result, be able to invent solutions for them in their own creative and innovative way. Lastly, we want to develop a child that has the drive to continuously learn. Educators from a child care centre that holds the vision of developing a future leader is able to promote and develop the child’s ability to question things around them and allow them to be able to express themselves in a manner that can level them up to participate at a global level.

Holistic development

Your child’s early development years should only receive the best and quality curriculum. This means that the educators of your child at a child care centre should have the proper skills and knowledge in developing their emotional, intellectual, motor, sensory, linguistic, and social skills. Ensuring that the educators overseeing your child have the right qualifications and are implementing world-class programs and curriculum that address all mentioned aspects can put your mind at ease that your child will be able to receive the gold standard of a learning experience.

There are a lot of child care institutions all over Singapore that provide different kinds of curriculums for children. While each may have an advantage of its own, it will always be the parents’ discretion as to what type of values and skills they want their child to learn that could help them as they grow and be independent. It is vital that the child gets the proper care and education at an early age as this is the period of their lives where life skills that are taught can leave a lasting impact. If you want to learn more about an Innovation-Focused school, you can contact First Steps Preschool @ East Coast located in Singapore.


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