Revealing the Secrets on Skin Booster in Singapore and Find Out If It Is Safe For Breastfeeding Mothers

Dull and tired skin is a common concern for almost everyone. It is brought upon by daily stress, pollution, improper diet, and the general lack of sleep that this generation appears to be afflicted with. One would think that with the comfort and convenience that the modern life can offer, all people would have been the stress-free and well-rested versions of themselves. But unfortunately, that is not the case. Reality is always a hard pill to swallow but the good thing is, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is one that we have created on our own, using the best technology and the collective dream to make life a little bit bitter and, of course, a lot better.

To reduce the harsh effects of modern living on our skin, a new innovative treatment called skin booster has quickly become popular in Singapore. It is a concept that originated from Koreans, who are famous for their dewy complexion with an ethereal glow. As a facial rejuvenating treatment, skin booster enhances the hydration levels deep within the skin tissues to increase its elasticity and improve the texture. A skin booster contains stabilized hyaluronic acid, a natural filler material that is found in the skin, nerves, and connective tissues.  Hyaluronic acid is a vital component of the skin: it provides structural support to skin tissues, facilitates the flow of nutrients across the skin, and it keeps the skin hydrated. The ultraviolet rays that damage the skin cells also cause hyaluronic acid to break down. This result in dehydration, skin damage, and decreased ability of the skin to repair itself.

This article from Dr. Edwin Lim, a premier medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore that offers custom solutions for all skin concerns, will give you the latest information about skin boosters. We will discuss the types of skin boosters and the possible side effects of using skin boosters. We will also provide an answer to the question, “are skin boosters safe for breastfeeding women?”.


Types of Skin Boosters


Below are the most popular skin boosters in the market today:

  1. Teosyal Redensity 1. This skin booster contains 15mg/ml hyaluronic acid. It has an added benefit of whitening and contains a variety of proteins and minerals to promote skin health. Teosyal offers a great amount of hydration on a short-term basis. You need three sessions at one session per month, with results lasting from nine to twelve months.
  2. Juvederm Volite. This is the newest brand of skin booster. It contains 13mg/ml of hyaluronic acid per shot. Although you will be required to take two shots for the procedure, Juvederm Volite only need 1 treatment as compared to the three of the other skin boosters. A single treatment of Juvederm Volite is enough to improve skin hydration and elasticity for up to nine months. This is the best choice for people who are looking for a skin booster treatment with fewer injections and shorter downtime.
  3. Rejuran Healer. This is the only skin booster in the list that does not contain hyaluronic acid. Instead, it uses polynucleotides from salmon DNA instead. Rejuran is dubbed as a skin ‘healer’ since its main purpose is to repair damage caused by internal (scarring and aging) and external (pollution, prolonged UV exposure) damage at the cellular level. To achieve best results, you need three to four sessions at one session per month, with results lasting from twelve to eighteen months.
  4. Restylane. This brand is among the first batch of skin boosters that were introduced to the public. It comes with 20mg/ml hyaluronic acid per syringe. Restylane contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid and it is the perfect option for people who wants the long-term effect of intense hydration. You need three sessions of this skin booster at one session per month, with results that can last up to twelve months.


What Are The Side Effects of Skin Boosters?


Since skin boosters in Singapore are administered using tiny injections, the possibility of acquiring needle marks or bruising in the treated areas is high. Depending on an individual, it may take two to seven days for these to fully heal. Prior to the procedure, your doctor will apply a topical anesthetic cream to alleviate any pain or discomfort.

The risk of infection is also a possible side effect. This is always present in procedures that involve breaking the skin barriers, such as administering injections. Extra care must be taken to ensure sterility, which is only achieved if the procedure is done in a clinical setting with an experienced medical professional.


Are Skin Boosters Safe For Breastfeeding Mothers?


Both men and women may enjoy the benefits of a skin booster treatment, specifically individuals with dry, aged, cracked, dull skin, or skin with large, open pores. Those with skin depression due to acne scars may also see significant results with proper and regular treatment. Even though skin boosters contain a natural substance like hyaluronic acid, the safety of using it on breastfeeding mothers remains vague at best. Most doctors believe that filler use when the patient is breastfeeding is considered low-risk since they likely have a relatively low rate of absorption into the bloodstream. Skin boosters treatment are safe to have when you are breastfeeding if and only if you are in top physical condition with no symptoms of mastitis or other illness or infection. You must also let your doctor know, during the initial consultation, that you are lactating. Prior to undergoing a treatment, make sure that you choose a reputable medical aesthetic facility, like the Dr. Edward Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic, with professionally-trained medical staff.

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